Linear Fixtures

Blueline Highbay

Heathfield LED's Blueline High Bay is a powerful and energy-efficient LED Light fixture available from 100W to 240W. It was designed for Tall Halls, High Warehouses, Loading Areas and Freight Yards. This extremely robust light can be flexibly configured for use in a very wide application range. Suspended or surface mounted it will provide a perfect degree of light distribution.

Linear Vapor Tights

Linear Vapor Tight fixtures offer long lifetimes over 50,000 hours with no maintenance, up to 70% Energy Reduction, and are Dust, Water, and Corrosion Tight. They can be suspended or surface mounted using the included mounting/hanging gear and can be installed individually or connected end-to-end up to 400W, lowering installation cost.

Silverline Highbay

Heathfield LED Silverline Highbay Series offer a rugged and low profile housing construction that is IP65 and is certified to operate Collision and Corrosion environments certified. It's an ideal lighting solution for Warehouses, Factories, and Gymnasiums. Perfect, 1-for-1 replacement for HID and Fluorescent Highbays.

- Corrosion, Water & Dust Tight

- Standard 6ft Whip

- Excellent Heat Dissapation

- 5 Year Warranty